Written by Alexes Gerald C. Pambit

October 7, 2022 – Jose Rizal Elementary School marks this day for the celebration of World Teachers’ Day with the theme: Gurong Pilipino Dangal ng Sambayanang Pilipino. It is a day to honor the dedication, commitment, and sacrifices made by the teachers of this school to the delivery of basic education to eager, needy, and disadvantaged learners thirsting for knowledge.

The celebration spearheaded by our able school head, Ms. Norma B. Jamon aims to give time to acknowledge and reflect on the outstanding contributions of the teachers of Jose Rizal Elementary School to the community. Ms. Jamon gave a short but meaningful message centered on the celebration of World Teachers’ Day. In her message, she mentioned that Teachers of JRES have…

Hearts full of love and care

Acts always radiate concern, creativity, and Godliness

Passionate in molding learners holistically

Persevere even amid personal and family adversities

Yearn for the success of all learners,

Think considerably if decisions are centered on learners

Emanate inspiration and positive behavior to many

Accord with respect to all people and living things

Create learning opportunities

Heed calls of the vocation,

Endure challenges and hurdles of the profession,

Reiterate nothing but greatness and goodness,

Selfless services they offer to hone learners be at their best

Devotion and dedication that never falters,

Able and adaptable even during a disaster or other phenomenon

Yielding for the betterment of all clienteles, the learners.

It is a Happy Teachers’ Day indeed. Part of the celebration was also to give tribute to decades of service of teachers and those who are to retire. Scores of memories from the not-so-distant past were shown highlighting the achievements of our teachers and bidding our retiring teachers a warm farewell as they hang their whiteboard markers and uniforms.

As the festivities come to an end, teachers were still absolutely in high spirits as they celebrated their special day with merriment filled with fun and laughter as they leave their stress just for one day and were ready to face another set of challenges the next day.