JRES Commends our Division Demonstration Teacher in Mathematics 3, Mrs. Rechel P. Osumo on the recently concluded 1st Division Mathematics Virtual Demonstration in Mathematics: Project DEMOO: Demonstration Engagement for Optimized Outcomes spearheaded by our Education Program Supervisor in Mathematics Mr. Rogelio S. Junio, together with the PSDSs, School Heads and Selected Master Teachers who served as evaluators and observers. The said engagement aims to exhibit and showcase different flexible learning strategies and to provide avenue for enhanced teaching-learning processes in Mathematics instruction through virtual platform. 

Dr. Rolando E. Soriano, school principal of JRES, Mrs. Rowena Junio, Master Teacher II and Dr. Oliver B. Abad, Master Teacher I and School Math Coordinator gave their technical assistance to Mrs. Osumo on her preparations, also ICT technical support were provided by Mr. Rhiyan Vergara, Mr. Mark Anthony Domingo, Ms. Jonalyn Brutas and Ms. Sarah Pantoja, that led to the over-all success of this endeavor. Mrs. Rechel P. Osumo delivered her lesson with in-depth skills and expertise in teaching grade three lesson on Symmetry. She employed varieties of teaching methods, particularly Explicit and Interactive instruction through Classpoint Application. She managed to deliver her demonstration lesson with high efficiency, effectiveness, and quality. The evaluators showed their appreciation and positive remarks on her methodologies and strategies. Truly, her teaching showcased that in JRES, quality instruction is a lifestyle!


Written by: Dr. Oliver B. Abad

March 22, 2022 | 12:00NN