In preparation for the pilot implementation and expansion of limited face-to-face classes in DepEd, Jose Rizal Elementary School conducted a simulation exercise for the pioneer learners from Kinder to Grade Three level. The simulation activity was spearheaded by the school principal Dr. Rolando E. Soriano, the school faculty president, Ms. Criselda A. Santos, GPTA Vice President, Mrs. Cecilia Ko, learners, parents, and teachers from the said grade level. After two years of accomplishing modules, and attending online classes, learners couldn’t hide their excitement to attend face-to-face classes. Learners can now happily enjoy learning in the four corners of the classroom.

Mrs. Grace Rubeh Catapang and Ms. Grace Ann Pacayra together with the learners in Kinder.
Ms. Luzviminda F. Carin and Ms, Cristina David with the Grade One learners

It happened last March 07, 2022-Monday, starting at 7:00 in the morning. Ms. Luzviminda F. Carin and Ms. Cristina David were the teacher-advisers in charge for the two sections in Grade One containing 16 learners and Ms. Berlyn V. Villa for Grade Three. At 7:30, kinder learners started their simulation activity guided by kinder advisers, Mrs. Grace Rubeh Catapang and Ms. Grace Anne Pacayra. In the afternoon, Mrs. Donna Mae Espiritu and Mrs. Rochelle R. Gianan were the teacher-advisers who assisted learners from the Grade Two level.

Mrs. Donna Mae Espiritu and Mrs. Rochelle Gianan teachers-in -charge of the Grade Two learners.
Ms. Berlyn V. Villa with the Grade Three learners.

Learners were highly motivated to participate as they were enthusiastically oriented by their teacher-advisers on how to follow new normal rules and routines, prioritizing their health and safety inside the classroom and around the school premises. Jose Rizal Elementary is now ready to participate in the progressive expansion phase of face-to-face classes with an uplifting and determined spirit. JRES YES NA YES! SA FACE TO FACE!

Written by: Berlyn V. Villa