What we plant in the soil, we shall
reap in the harvest of action. Project
second time around it gains 92.000% in the
recent Division Search for Best Practices
Implementer. The flagship and pride of Jose
Rizal Elementary School. Through the
years, JRES Gulayan has been consistent
awardee of different agricultural contests
within the Division to Regional. The
Division entry in Regional Search for
Outstanding Gulayan sa Paaralan Program
Implementer in Elementary Schools, for
school year 2018-2019 it won 4th place in
Regional Search. The vast place of Jose
Rizal Elementary School for gardening and
planting of crops,
the production and the harvest alight to
come up the project that helps to pave the
way Project Game
(Gulayan,para sa Malusog At Energetic na
mag-aaral ng JRES). The conception of this
Project in School Year 2018-2019 inspired
the project committee to address serious
problems malnutrition campaign via
School Based Feeding Program and boost
the awareness of every learner on the
significance of growing vegetables.


Mga Paraan ng Pagpapatala (Jose Rizal Elementary School )

Mga Paraan ng Pagpapatala (Jose Rizal Elementary School ) Kung kayoy may access sa internet maari ninyong iclick o putahan ang mga sumusunud na link na nasa bandang kaliwa ng larawan iScan lamang ang QR Code para maredirect sa saktong link na dapat ninyong papuntahan upang makapag patala ng wasto.

Adopt-a-STAR: A School Initiated Intervention (SII) on DropoutReduction

Teacher as foster parent is the key
in saving the future of Rizaleños to fulfill
the dreams and ambitions of learners at
high-risk of being left behind.
For three consecutive school years,
Jose Rizal Elementary School withstand
the increased trend of dropouts leads to
the conception of a project originallytitled
Save-A-STAR (Student’s at Risk).


MENTAL HEALTH ARTICLE Tug-of-War of Rizaleños amidst the PandemicChallenges arise in battling the COVID-19 pandemic among the stakeholders ofthe school community especially to the future RIZALEŇOS.Aberrant to their normal realm, this unexpected situation has led in shifting to anew normal learning modality. So, in result many suffered mentally and psychologicallyboth internal (teaching, non-teaching staff and continue reading : MENTAL-HEALTH-ARTICLE